Two Tips for Saving Your Marketing Sanity

Welcome to the inaugural Slice of Advice column! This is where I take your questions and give you back answers on all things business, marketing, or branding (or, for fun, anything wine, food, or film-related) If I don’t know the answer, I’ll find someone in my network who does. So drop your Q’s to info@red-slice with Slice of Advice in the subject line. And mention your biz and URL so I can promote you if you like….

Today’s Q is from “anonymous” and she writes:

“With all the marketing options out there for my business, how do I choose the right ones, with my limited time and budget, and still get bang for my buck?”

This is all about planning and taking the budget you have and making it work. Don’t care if you’re a solopreneur or a billion dollar corporation, you have this issue. I used to work for a marketing VP at a global software firm who would say, “I want no whining about budgets being small. Resources are always scarce, budgets are always tight. Make it work.”

In the video below, I give you two juicy tips to make sense of the chaos and focus on a few activities done right rather than a million one-hit wonders.

What is your method for deciding how to tackle your marketing plans? Where do you see the best results?  Let me know in the Comments and get some link love back to your site!

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