Anna Liotta: Understanding Generational Codes

So much of our inability to connect in the workplace comes down to creating an Us vs. Them mentality when it comes to different generations. Research shows that we have five generations all coexisting in the workplace – so we need to sort this out. Such misunderstandings turn off our empathy and cause us to underperform, feel resentful, or blame others.

Today, you are in for a powerful lesson in Generational Codes. – what they are, why they matter, and how you can leverage them to build bridges with different people. My guest is Anna Liotta, a keynote speaker, leadership facilitator, and generational strategist.  We talk about what generational CODES mean (hint: it’s an acronym) and you’ll have so many a-ha moments about why different generations do what they do, how they communicate, and what motivates them. We discuss why you may think certain generations are “entitled” or”authoritarian” and why neither is right or wrong. We explore certain phrases that cause particular friction, such as work ethic and respect. You’ll discover strategies for communicating better across this generational divide – and leave with a better understanding of each other. This episode is a must-listen for anyone of any age in the workplace who wants to collaborate more effectively for great results. 

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Key Takeaways:

  • Common sense is not a common thought – it always taps back to someone’s own generational code and how that code was formed in their formative years. This will change from generation to generation. 
  • Traditionalist leadership, as a model, came from the military and straight into corporate America. It has created a language that is fight-or-flight, trauma lead leadership. But that is not the only way of leading – younger generations want to be part of the answer and the creation of their corporation.
  • Conversation and curiosity are the most important keys to understanding the generational codes of each generation and how those can assist the individuals of your organization. 

“A Generational Code is an algorithm that is running in the background, always informing our actions and reactions about who we trust, what we believe is our right when it comes to how leaders should treat us with empathy or not, who we follow, and who we buy from.” – Anna Liotta

About Anna Liotta, CEO, Keynote Speaker, and Generational Strategist, Resultance, Inc.

Anna is recognized as a top thought leader on generational success — with a client list that includes Amazon, Bloomberg, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, the PGA, and the NBA.

She is the founder of The Generational Institute™ and is the author of the bestseller, Unlocking Generational CODES©, and in 2021 was inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame.

Anna’s most impressive generational credential? She is the youngest girl of nineteen children. This means that every Thanksgiving, graduation, and wedding is a case study in generational communication.

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