Who am I? What am I all about? And what is this online party known as Red Slice?

It’s my digital home and hopefully yours, too. I’m a brand strategist, author, speaker, actress, dreamer, and artist committed to engaging, informing and delighting you. Here’s what I stand for–want to play?

:: I will delight clients by articulating their mission and brand in exactly the way they desire, so they get goosebumps and shout, “Yes! That’s it! That’s is what I’ve been trying to say and could never find the right words!”

:: I will care more about their business and goals than perhaps they do by always giving honest and candid feedback – even if that means extra work or losing the account.

:: I will touch and inspire every partner, client or fan I work with by showing passion, energy and kindness during our time together. I will treat people well.

:: I will connect people that can help each other just because it’s the right thing to do, not because I get anything from it.

:: I will teach others how to think about their business as a mission that enriches lives in some way and not just a widget-producing factory solely after profits  – and I will show them that passion and profit are not mutually exclusive.

:: I will use my voice and blessings to create good in the world, whether that be supporting worthy charities, raising awareness of important causes or anything related to animal welfare, children’s health + well-being, crisis support anywhere in the world, women’s equality or personal empowerment.

:: I will surprise people by remembering their interests or our conversations and send them an article, press lead or whatever, just to show that I see them, I remember them and I care.

:: I will seek clients who are passionate about their business and avoid those who will suck the energy out of me and my team. This will keep us positive, motivated and give me “mindspace” to delight the clients who are worth it – even if this means less money for the year.

:: I will always make time for enjoying lattes and hikes with my husband, entertaining my precious son, snuggling with my dog, drinking red wine, trying amazing restaurants, challenging myself at Crossfit, watching football, playing trivia games and enjoying indie films and crime dramas.

:: I will write and tell stories that inspire, provoke thought, inform  and delight , whether through my blog, books or speaking engagements.


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