Mourning the Loss of "Delight"

When was the last time a brand delighted you? When you got a high from seeing a package, a turn of phrase or even an ad? Those brands that remember to delight their customers are the ones doing the best job of branding, in my book.

Some brands have turned this idea of delight into making stupid, sophomoric ads just for the sake of being funny. Having a belly laugh is great, but does it get people to get out their wallets and spend? Not always.

No, I’m talking about places like Red Dingo. Thet create pet ID tags. I bought one for my dog, Eddie, and instead of it saying “Thank you for your order” when it arrived, there was a card, addressed to Eddie, saying they hoped his new tag would help him find his way home from all of his adventures. That is delight. That is totally connecting with me, their target customer, as someone who does indeed feel like her dog can understand and feel.

I got a warm feeling in my heart when I read this card, and couldn’t stop smiling. That is the power of delight. I’m not saying every brand has to be sappy (if that’s not their brand identity, they shouldn’t do it) but when you are able to connect with your ideal audience at a visceral level, that is a powerful thing. And it’s made me tell everyone I know about Red Dingo.

Life can be downright depressing sometimes, but when you get that little spark, smile, glimmer of something unexpected and appreciated, it can go a long, long way. Think about how you can leverage the many different touchpoints with your customers to delight them in some way. Maybe channel Walt Disney for a while and come up with some creative idea that is simple and cheap but that has lasting impact, like my Red Dingo card – or a snazzy email signature, or recording a catchy voice mail message for those who call your company (one that is consistent with your brand identity). Some may say these little touches are a waste of time, but I say that it’s the details that will further your brand and set you apart.

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