Is your message clear and consistent?

That depends: Do you know the difference between messaging and copy? Messaging and copy are two different things and knowing how and why can make your brand a hit or a flop.

So many entrepreneurs confuse “copy” with “messaging.” You need messaging, and a firm messaging platform to base all of your “copy” on: website copy, brochures, ads, sales presentations, etc. But some people try to start with the copy first and don’t base it on anything, meaning all the different communication vehicles will be scattered and inconsistent. And that is not good for developing a strong brand. Clarity attracts and consistency makes things stick.

How do you ensure you have strong messaging for your business? You need to start by talking about benefits, not features as so many entrepreneurs and small businesses do. Tell me why your product or service makes my life better, solves a problem, fulfills a need. That is the key to creating a sticky brand and attracting rabid fans. it’s also the way to differentiate yourself in today’s crowded market.

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