Be interested to be interesting

Here is the magical secret to creating an irresistible brand, business or piece of art.


Be interested in order to be interesting.

If you’re not interested in selling sweaters, no one will be interested in buying them

If you’re not interested in defending people in court, they won’t be interested in hiring you to represent them

If you’re not excited about your book, passionate about your products or if you don’t create your art with a joyful heart, no will respond any differently.

When you’re not interested in what you do, no one will find your work interesting.  (Tweet!)

As purveyor, inventor, entrepreneur or creator, you have to care the most.

It’s charming to say, “I hate self-promotion,” but, really, if not you, then who? If things are a grind for you, why should they magically transform for your audience?

I’m not saying hard work is not involved. Late nights. Panic. Stress. Fear. Sacrifice. Plain old bad days.

But you are Customer #1. And if it’s not interesting to you, others will simply follow your lead.

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