Give thanks + 7 ways to support your fave small businesses!

Gobble, gobble. Turkey Day is coming up. But don’t forget the other, more greedy, consumer-driven “gobble:” Black Friday. Kill me.

I’m not saying I won’t shop online. But you’d have to pay me millions of dollars to drag my butt out of bed at 3 am like a crazy person and wait in line at Best Buy just to save $25. My time’s worth more than that.  I see those mobs on the news and think, “My God, this is what the apocalypse will look like.”

But I’ve got something better for you: November 30 is Small Business Saturday (and read on for something extra-special, oh ye small biz owners…)

If you’ve not heard of this gem, it’s your chance to support your community and local business owners.  When you shop independent, locally-owned businesses, 52% of what you spend stays right in your community, supporting local organizations and services.

Like many people, I’ll be finding some bargains online at Amazon and the like. But I’m also going to make an effort to support my neighborhood. Here are 7 ideas for you:

  1. Purchase gifts and cards at a local indie bookstore or independent card shop
  2. Enjoy date night with your significant other at a beloved family-owned restaurant in town
  3. On said date night, hire a neighborhood babysitter (hey, they are technically small businesses, too)
  4. Buy yourself something sparkly to wear for the holidays at a small local boutique. Bet no one else will have the same thing!
  5. Buy holiday decorations from a small indie crafts store (not the big chains)
  6. Hire a locally owned maid service to clean up after an exhausting Thanksgiving dinner
  7. Get holiday card photos taken by an independent photographer in your city


Your success as a small business means better communities, more local services and more innovation. I’d love to support you in your work and help you shine.

Happy thanksgiving, ya’ll! hope you have a wonderful day with friends and family, giving thanks for all we have to be grateful for.


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