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As I always preach, brand is not just your logo. It is the core of your business and all decisions – marketing and otherwise – stem from it. A strong brand strategy is the key to making all those other business decisions – and for ensuring you don’t waste time and money on useless marketing, design, or copywriting.

Need help putting together your brand strategy for more precise and targeted marketing? then check out this workshop I am giving with Whitney Keyes. It is a huge value – over $1000 of consulting time with two leading Seattle consultants for just $100. You will walk away with tips and tricks and a headstart on your own brand strategy. Check it out – but hurry: there is only space for 15 people!

Branding Strategies to Boost Your Business

Date: Wednesday February 11, 2009
Place: Whitney Keyes Productions – 1000 N. Northlake Way, Seattle, WA 98103 (Fremont)
Time: 6:00-9:00 pm
Cost: $100
Register: (scroll down to the Branding Strategies workshop)

Over $1000 of consulting time for just $100 – don’t miss it!

With the economic downturn, you need your marketing dollars to work even harder for you. Your competition now includes people not spending any money at all! You don’t have to have multi-million dollar marketing budgets to cut through the clutter and attract customers. Discover the secrets of effective branding and marketing and how following some simple rules will ensure your marketing is more targeted and effective than your competition.

Attend this interactive and dynamic marketing workshop, hosted by Seattle-area marketing consultants and dynamos Whitney Keyes and Maria Ross. Combining their expert advice in this unique and fun forum, they will guide you through the marketing maze and help you find practical and creative ways to attract new customers – and keep the ones you have loyal to you..

Register now for this limited space workshop and you will:
1. Define marketing and how branding, messaging, integrated activities and PR all fit in to the plan
2. Build your own Brand Strategy by simply answering 10 key questions
3. Discover how effective branding upfront can save valuable time and money with designers, writers and programmers
4. Understand the marketing communications lifecycle and the building blocks needed to create your key messages
5. Debunk the top 3 marketing myths that hold business owners back
6. Learn 5 tips to maximize your marketing now
7. Discover the 3 audience groups that are key to your success

Space is limited so sign up by February 1, 2009 at Scroll down to the “Branding Strategies” workshop.

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