Don’t put all your brand eggs in one basket

Facebook rocks. It really does. And it can be great for your business and building your community. But as I talk about in my upcoming book, Facebook – and social media in general – is just one tool in the branding arsenal. It is not THE tool, nor should you embark on delving into these tactics until you have your brand strategy in place first. Then you will be clear on what you want to communicate via these vehicles.

Lisa Barone from Outspoken Media wrote a killer article about why you shouldn’t abandon your own blog completely to jump on the Facebook Express. You need to use a balanced mix of communication vehicles to communicate and extend your brand. One great piece of advice I once got was that if you ever write a contributed article for another site (or post things in other social media arenas), ensure you also have a record of it on your own site or company blog. This is the best place for you to own your content and police your brand effectively.

How are you using Facebook for your business and how do you balance your own blog with making updates on your Fan Page?

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