Create a brand story to help your department raise its profile and engage more effectively

Your department might be new within the organization but people are fearful of your role or unsure what value you provie. And they don’t understand how you fit in or how to properly engage with you.

Or perhaps your team has evolved from a legacy tactical function into a more strategic and transformational role. But you can’t seem to shake that legacy reputation or understanding of what you do.

I can help your team shape it’s own internal brand story to raise awareness, shatter old perceptions and increase engagement so it can be more effectiveness.

As an IT team, we realized we needed to create a clear internal brand story and value proposition for the strategic work our team delivers. Maria confidently brought our diverse team together to ask the right questions and align our thinking. We really enjoyed how efficiently and effectively she facilitated the process and helped us shape our story. We’ve already seen the positive impact this more strongly defined voice has had on our recruiting efforts and organizational visibility.

Sylvie Veilleux, CIO, Dropbox


This workshop helps internal teams create a clear message on what they do so they can better synchronize and engage with the rest of the organization for maximum results. This is the best option for an internal leader who wants to elevate their department’s work throughout the company and establish a more strategic, thought-leadership brand.

Key word: Visibility.

Maria’s process and workshop were just what we need to swiftly lead our department to a strong, clear story that helps communicate our unique value and engage better with internal stakeholders. Our team is doing innovative work and we needed a brand message that reflected that for more buy-in and excitement. Maria was just the catalyst we needed to guide us in that process.

Kimberly Tableman, head of digital clinical trials, GlaxoSmithKline

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