Brand at Work: Pink’s Original Bakery

PinksLogo I love it when I find cool new branding while I’m out and about. Case in point: my neighborhood Tully’s has been promoting their new bakery items, which are supplied by Seattle’s Pink’s Original Bakery. With the colorful pink striped banners hanging up in store, I just had to grab their brochure.  And when I opened it, I found another example of what I mean when I say “delight your audience.”

Pink’s was started in 1987 by two “babes” (as they say) Molly and Anne. Their story is on the inside of the brochure, which also includes fun photos and clever captions of fresh fruit, cows – even a Polaroid of said “babes.” The vibe is casual, playful and a touch irreverent.  Fresh, organic goodness does not have to be so serious and poignant all the time. 

From the captions written in retro typewriter font, to the colorful comic “talk bubble” coming out of the cow’s mouth (“Moo!”), to their closing line of “We promise to keep working hard to brighten your day with a taste of goodness that can only come from using the best local ingredients and a ton of chutzpah” – you get that these gals are bold, funny and real.  So many bakeries look and sound the same (cue epic music while wheat fields quaver in slow-mo in the early morning sunlight….) so Pink’s stands out. They took the personality of their quirky founders and parlayed that into a quirky brand that made me smile. And made me buy their product.

Delight. That’s the stuff that gives me goose bumps when I experience branding done well. Yes, I’m a marketing geek, I know.

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