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a slice of ADVICE

“Should I launch my business first, and build my website later?”

“I know that my messaging needs to target my ideal customers — but I don’t know how to find them!”

“How can I convince my CEO to pump up our marketing budget?”

Answers to your juiciest questions on messaging, branding & client attraction — with a crisp, concise & ever-so-subtly contrarian slant. Take a peek at this sample.

a slice of INSPIRATION

From logo design that pops off the screen, to riveting books that reframe your world, to spirited movies, music, theater and dance — and every experience in between.

Graffiti art, ancient tablets, and that Italian restaurant down the block — irreplaceable inspiration is nestled where you least expect it. Get inspired with a sample post.

a slice of ADVENTURE

What does sampling a peppery Zinfandel at a family-owned vineyard have to do with brand positioning + service packaging?

And how will spying at your local Starbucks make you a better communicator — at work, at home, and at play?

Embark on an armchair adventure, and experience extraordinary insights with all five senses — engaged. Explore one of my past challenges.

a slice of STRATEGY

Pure, unadulterated marketing, brand positioning, & entrepreneurial wisdom.

New trends with staying power. Old standbys with inarguable value.

What to embrace, what to avoid, and what to attempt — with steady discernment.

From Search Engine Optimization to joint-venture content creation, I’ll shine the spotlight on the critical principles that’ll build your brand & bolster your business. Get your pencils out for this juicy bit of past strategic advice.

a slice of AMUSEMENT

Brands that wobble — and comeback kings. Award-winning campaigns, and what-were-they-thinking escapades. Plus, musings about reality TV, road rage and real-time media snafus — and how our 24/7 edu-tainment culture impacts the stories we tell, and the products we sell.

Watch as I unpack and critique life’s most interesting happenings, with logic and levity — and the occasional incredulous sigh. Enjoy this oldie but goodie from the archives.

a slice of BRILLIANCE

Marketing megastars — and a few rising talents — interviewed with thoughtful  finesse and infectious fascination.

Find out what the pros (behind the pros) are reading, eating, watching & adoring…and the unvarnished stories behind their sky-high success. Enjoy this hearty past post from the archives.


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