A whole lotta entrepreneurial inspiration and advice–in one sassy package

Cori Padgett is a fierce gal with moxie to spare.

I’ve had the pleasure to get to know her and her Big Girl Branding community recently. She graciously gave me one of the spiciest book reviews thus far, and highlighted Red Slice with some guest blog posts.

Well, now she’s gone and outdone herself. She’s recently compiled Entrepreneurial Wisdom, a collection of interviews from over 60 entrepreneurs, including me and some people way outta my league. Cori has collected their wit, wisdom and secrets of success in one tidy little blog post and PDF…for free. Talk about generous. I have learned so much from the successful folks in this interview: Mike from The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur,  Dan Schawbel from Personal Branding Blog, Danielle LaPorte, Lisa Barone from Outspoken Media….the list goes on.

Cori asked everyone the same three questions:

1. What is your best advice for soldiering on as an entrepreneur in the face of mind-numbing adversity?

2. What is the biggest mental roadblock you had to overcome on your path to being an entrepreneur?

3. What do you like best about living the entrepreneurial dream?

Check it out for some inspiration, wisdom or to light a fire under your butt…and your business.

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