6 Links Small Business Owners Should Click

6 Links Small Business Owners Should Click

6 Links Small Business Owners Should Click

Facebook ads. #Winning hashtags for your small business. How to still be productive when WiFi goes down. Just a few of the latest and greatest things I’ve found on the Internet the last few weeks, curated just for you. You’re welcome!

8 (relatively) easy Facebook tips that will help your business by Sarah Von Bargen @yesandyesblog PS, I tried the one about the Facebook cover photo and it seems to be increasing email signups!

You can make excuses or you can make progress. By Alexandra Franzen. Damn. If this little boy doesn’t inspire you to get off your butt and stop whining about why you can’t succeed, nothing will.

Popular Twitter hashtags to promote your small business every day of the week. For when you’re like, “Why don’t more people notice my Twitter awesomeness?” from @smallbiztrends

When you need clarity around your mission and why you’re doing all this work in the first place: Why I turned down a $100,000 deal on Shark Tank by Lisa Binderow, founder and CEO of Nicepipes Apparel @nicepipestweets

No Internet? No Problem. 12 tips for staying productive offline by Lindsay Kolowich  @lkolow.

62% of small business owners says that Facebook ads don’t work. Here’s why experts disagree by Marla Tabaka @MarlaTabaka

Now, you know I can’t be everywhere so help me curate! Got a link you’re dying to share with the tribe?  Post it to the Facebook page right now and share your sensational find! Cute animal videos count, too.

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